Cryogenic Processors to Open Kentucky-Based Freeze-Dry and Packaging Site

Cryogenic ProcessorsCryogenic freezing specialist Cryogenic Processors will open a new cryogenic freezing and freeze-drying facility in Paducah, Kentucky, at the end of 2024. The plant will feature three isolated pelletising rooms, each equipped with advanced blending systems and a standard conical pelletiser with an increased capacity of 1000kg per hour. Once pelletized, storage will be available at temperatures as low as -60°C (-76°F).

Cryogenic Processes uses contract cryogenic freezing capabilities and cryogenic pelletiser technology, liquid nitrogen, and machinery to process materials into beaded or granular form. Kevin McClain, Vice-President and General Manager of Cryogenic Processors, said the new plant will both enhance the company’s production capabilities and offer more comprehensive services.

He continued, “This one-stop shop for cryogenic freezing, drying, packaging, storing, and shipping will be an innovative and efficient solution for the needs of numerous different industries.”

Cryogenic Processors already uses pelletizer technology at its first facility in Nashville, Tennessee, and will scale its operation and offerings with the new Paducah plant.

The pelletizing freezing method offers efficiency, consistency, and high capacity with low processing loss in a compact package.

Image: Cryogenic Processors to open Kentucky-based freeze-dry and packaging site. Credit: Business Wire

Source: Gas World

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