Bluefors Launches Helium Recovery Solution for Single Unit NMR Systems

HeRL02-RM Helium Reliquefier is designed for helium recovery from a single NMR unit.Bluefors has introduced its latest advancement: the Cryomech HeRL02-RM. This cutting-edge helium reliquefier, specifically engineered for helium recovery from individual nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) units, marks a significant stride in helium conservation and management. The Cryomech HeRL02-RM establishes a closed-loop, zero-boiloff system for NMR magnets, ensuring optimal helium utilization. Boiled-off helium is efficiently redirected through a vapor return line to the reliquefier, powered by a Pulse Tube Cryocooler, where it undergoes instant liquefaction before being reintroduced to the magnet’s helium bath.

An impressive feature of the HeRL02-RM is its integration of a remote motor, strategically designed to minimize vibrations that could potentially disrupt sensitive NMR spectroscopy. Rigorous field testing across units of varying magnet strength has validated its effectiveness, with no discernible impact on results.

Rich Dausman, president of Bluefors Cryocooler Technologies, Inc., underscores the practicality of the HeRL02-RM, stating, “This solution is particularly well-suited for small laboratories equipped with one to three NMR systems, as well as organizations managing dispersed magnets. By entrusting the reliquefier with helium management, customers can alleviate concerns regarding refills and focus on their core research activities.”

Installation of the Cryomech HeRL02-RM is seamless, utilizing existing fill ports, and guarantees reliable, round-the-clock operation. Furthermore, for facilities grappling with heightened helium boil-off, Bluefors continues to provide comprehensive helium recovery solutions tailored to their needs. Bluefors's unwavering dedication to quality and innovation has solidified its position as a preferred choice for ultra low temperature requirements. With a focus on quantum technology, fundamental physics research, and specialized industries such as life sciences and clean energy, Bluefors consistently delivers top-tier products under the Bluefors and Cryomech brands.

The company’s commitment to excellence, coupled with scalable production capabilities, has established it as a trusted partner for universities, research institutes, and corporations globally. Bluefors's products not only meet the stringent demands of modern research but also pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries in diverse fields.

Image: HeRL02-RM Helium Reliquefier is designed for helium recovery from a single NMR unit. Credit: Bluefors

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