HeLIUM Cryogenics Redefines Cryogenic Technology

Showcasing HeLIUM Cryogenics' innovation: the 1000 mW @ 71 °C Stirling Cooler alongside its advanced controller, a testament to our precision and expertise in the forefront of cryogenic technology. Credit: ImtekIn an era where technological innovation is not just an advantage but a necessity, HeLIUM Cryogenics™, stands at the vanguard, continually pushing the boundaries of whatʼs possible in cryogenic technology. Presently, a significant milestone is being marked in HeLIUMʼs journey as it unveils its latest innovation: a new line of mini and mid-range Stirling coolers. These coolers, exemplifying the pinnacle of engineering and design, stand as a testament to HeLIUM’s commitment to excellence, offering performance that competes head-to-head with the best in the market while seamlessly integrating efficiency, compactness and environmental sustainability into an advanced product series. 

Recognizing the evolving demands of industries, HeLIUM initiated a project to develop an effective and environmentally conscious cooling solution. Its mini-sized coolers are specifically engineered for infrared detectors, marking HeLIUMʼs initial focus, while its mid-range models are designed for integration into its cryoplants. Shifting from the Gifford-McMahon cycle to the more efficient Stirling cycle for nitrogen liquefaction, this product range reflects HeLIUM’s deep commitment to innovation and sustainable practices in cryogenic technology. 

At HeLIUM Cryogenics, its R&D initiatives in Stirling coolers involve an interdisciplinary team comprising mechanical, chemical, physics, material science and electronics engineers. HeLIUM Cryogenics’ journey since 2015 has been a focused endeavor, steadily advancing and refining the company’s cryocooler technology. As a newcomer in the industry, HeLIUM is committed to learning and growing, consistently improving products to meet evolving needs. The first members of HeLIUM’s product family are mini rotary Stirling coolers delivering a total cooling power ranging from 250 mW to 1000 mW at 77 K in a 71 °C ambient environment, followed by a 40 W at 77 K mid-range rotary Stirling cooler. Through enhancements in the design and optimization of heat losses within its coolers, HeLIUM has managed to reduce cooldown times and power consumption. This advancement is crucial for applications requiring quick deployment, like emergency response equipment and mobile infrared imaging devices. 

HeLIUM Cryogenics’ state-of-the-art machining workshops utilize high precision turning and vertical machining centers, achieving sub-micron tolerances of ±0.1 μm and surface roughness as low as Ra = 0.010 μm. This precision is crucial for manufacturing compressors and cold-finger components with oil-free dry gas bearings, demanding tighter circularity/cylindricity even in 70 HRC materials. Such exacting standards enhance HeLIUM’s coolers’ cryogenic technology, enabling effective cooling of substantial heat loads. Moreover, this precision-driven approach reduces induced vibration, a critical concern for sensitive equipment. Through design enhancements and the integration of vibration-dampening materials and techniques, HeLIUM has successfully minimized vibration levels in its coolers. HeLIUM Cryogenics handles all design and manufacturing processes internally. The conceptual design phase prioritizes efficiency, user experience and product strategies, setting the groundwork for form, interface features and functionality. Moving into critical design, HeLIUM rigorously assesses the model and its components for thermal and mechanical stresses using finite elements and experimental methods. This step is pivotal in establishing manufacturing tolerances, understanding limits and optimizing design parameters through modeling and simulation studies. This iterative approach ensures high-quality tests and measurements, facilitating a robust feedback loop for optimization. 

HeLIUM Cryogenics stands out with more than 90% of its components precision-crafted in-house, underscoring its dedication to quality. Its advanced component verification lab, equipped with tools like CMM and surface roughness measurement systems, ensures HeLIUM's machining processes are both reliable and efficient. This commitment extends to maximizing thermodynamic efficiency, as it innovates to minimize input power while enhancing cooling performance. The company's coolers consistently deliver under diverse conditions, reflecting our journey beyond mere technological advancement. At HeLIUM Cryogenics, they are not just developing cryogenic technologies; they are shaping the future of the field by blending scientific innovation with practical utility, setting new benchmarks with its Stirling and Joule-Thomson cooler technology, backed by their advanced Cooler Driver Electronic (CDE) system. HeLIUM Cryogenics is driven to enhance industry standards and expand the realm of possibilities in cryogenic technology. imtekcryogenics.com/en 

*HeLIUM Cryogenics™ is a registered trademark of IMTEK Cryogenics.

Image: Showcasing HeLIUM Cryogenics' innovation: the 1000 mW @ 71 °C Stirling Cooler alongside its advanced controller, a testament to our precision and expertise in the forefront of cryogenic technology. Credit: Imtek

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