NASA Hall of Fame Inventor, Cold Facts Columnist James E. Fesmire Named GenH2’s Chief Technology Officer

On December 15, GenH2, a leading developer of liquid hydrogen infrastructure solutions, formally announced the appointment of renowned NASA veteran and company co-founder James E. Fesmire as Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer. In his role, Fesmire will shape GenH2’s technology vision and drive product evolution and expansion. Known for his world-class expertise and trailblazing contributions to developing cryogenics, materials, and energy technologies, Fesmire specializes in all aspects of liquid hydrogen storage and transfer.

“Hydrogen is the heart of the promise of green energy,” said Fesmire. Energy-dense liquefied hydrogen has the potential to store vast amounts of renewable energy and serve as an energy carrier for end-use applications on the land, sea, air and space. “As the technology continues to be driven by goals for a sustainable world, I look forward to my role as Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer for the infrastructure build-out in the emerging hydrogen economy. With overlapping goals and targets across companies, institutions, governments, and countries, we ultimately want to help make energy and transportation work better for all people.”

Fesmire has more than 38 years of experience in cryogenics and low-temperature problem-solving, specializing in all aspects of liquid hydrogen storage and transfer. His pioneering cryogenic systems design work helped to advance the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, future moon and Mars exploration, experimental rocket programs, commercial space launch vehicles and facilities, superconducting power, hydrogen storage and transfer, and many commercial and industrial applications. As founder and visionary for the one-of-a-kind Cryogenics Test Laboratory at NASA Kennedy Space Center, Fesmire has extensive publications and patents in thermal insulation systems, novel materials, advanced composites, energy storage, heat management and testing technology. He also regularly contributes to Cold Facts magazine as the author of the “Clean Energy Future” column.

A recipient of NASA medals for Distinguished Service, Exceptional Technology Achievement, Exceptional Service, Fesmire’s work has also been recognized with the Space Technology Mission Directorate’s Silver Achievement Medal and the NASA Engineering & Safety Center (NESC) Director’s Award for Engineering Excellence. Fesmire has further received an R&D 100 award and the Space Technology Hall of Fame medal for aerogel insulation technology, the world’s highest thermal performance insulation material. With 20 issued patents and more than 200 publications, he is a recent inductee of the NASA Inventors Hall of Fame for developments in cryogenics, materials, and energy technologies.

“We are looking forward to our collective efforts to build the GenH2 team and move the global hydrogen infrastructure forward,” said Cody Bateman, founder and CEO of the company. “His impactful work at NASA is unparalleled and he is well-known as a cryogenics and hydrogen expert, including technical standards leadership and technology market implementation, making him an international icon in this sector.”

Fesmire’s industry leadership has included Cryogenic Society of America, former president, International Institute of Refrigeration Commission A1 (cryophysics/cryoengineering), US delegate; Cryogenic Engineering Conference (CEC), board member; ASTM International, committee member and task groups chair; and International Standards Organization, committee member. Fesmire holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Materials Science) from the University of Central Florida and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University.

[Source: Cold Facts Vol 38 No 1]

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